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The Novast management and technical team members have received their Ph.D., MS and BS degrees in multiple disciplines. The team possesses an exceptional track record of successfully moving a product from concept to the commercialization in both in the branded and generic industries. The combined experience of the key management team is more than 300 years developing and commercializing pharmaceutical products. Team members have served in a variety of capacities with strong managerial, scientific and technical backgrounds in product development, analytical research, quality assurance, pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, process development, process validation, manufacturing and regulatory affairs. The team successfully developed and commercialized several products in USA and other world markets. These products encompass a wide array of different dosage forms and technologies, including delayed release, extended release, immediate release, fast disintegrating or chewable tablets or capsules, DEA related products and potent drugs. The management and technical teams comprise of professionals from several multinational innovator and generic pharmaceutical companies in USA, Canada, China and India. Apart from the management team, Novast employs the majority of its work force fresh out of school and trains them systematically and vigorously to ensure they are well qualified before taking up any work. This strategy has helped us immensely in customizing the individuals’ thoughts and mindset towards the quality of a product following Novast’s strong quality systems. Novast is one of the few companies in China where English is the company's main language of business but provides the Mandarin option in selective functional areas.
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Our Novast teams are multinational groups of experienced professionals from countries including the China, United States, Canada and India. More...
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Novast's business model utilizes our extensive expertise, experience and proven ability in product research & development and manufacturing. More...
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